​What form of exercise works best for you?

Why Pilates: A form of low impact exercise that will not only improve posture, while focusing on body alignment. It will also give you a fantastic core workout.

Why Yoga: It is a mind and body practice. Calmness, physical posture, breathing techniques and relaxation or meditation.  This practice promotes mental and physical well being.



For most newcomers, your first class will be the seed that you will want to grow. Make it happen!  See you on the mat soon.

Enjoy a Zoom online experience!

This is a sneak peak at one of my many prop classes - big ball is the choice for today.


2 days ago

I am thoroughly enjoying the Saturday morning pilates and yoga mix class! The movements and breathing techniques make my mind feel so calm and centered after the workout. This class has become a must for me and makes a big difference! Really appreciate your experience and knowledge, thank you, Justine. 🌷

2 days ago
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Thank you for joining. Always a pleasure to give back.