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Interesting yoga facts

Yoga is one of the oldest fitness and wellness practices in the world. No wonder, it’s came handy during the pandemic crisis.

If you are new to yoga, we are here with some cool and amazing yoga facts that will definitely trigger your curiosity further. Read on to discover how amazing yoga is!

Below are the 31 yoga facts you must know before you practice yoga:

  • Ideally, yoga should not be performed in front of a mirror.

  • Americans spend $16 billion on practicing yoga each year

  • Yoga is scientifically proven to alleviate symptoms of various medical problems

  • Ancient yogis believe our breathing rate determines our lifespan

  • The world’s largest yoga lesson had 100,984 attendees

  • Headstand is the most dangerous yoga pose

  • The world’s oldest yoga teacher taught yoga until she was 101

  • The official count of yoga poses or asanas is 84.

  • Savasana is one of the most difficult yoga poses to master.

  • Yoga refines and purifies 8 energy centers of the body called ‘chakras’.

  • Yoga should be practiced while wearing loose clothes. (sorry yoga pants)

  • 72% of the yoga practitioners are women.

  • Over 100 styles of yoga have evolved in the past couple of centuries.

  • Yoga is over 5000 year old.

  • The word “yoga” comes from Sanskrit and it means “union”

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