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How long should you practice yoga?

What’s the magic amount of time to do a yoga practice? While popular yoga culture will tell you that it’s one hour or ninety minutes, that simply isn’t true.

In my opinion, the magic amount of time is any amount of time you can do. The wellness industry has taught us that we need to “feel the burn” and that simple movements aren’t valid.

Social media shows us that we have to look a certain way, wear tight spandex clothes, and do the latest “fancy” movements in order to know that that we are doing something good for ourselves.

But when we move beyond the noise and connect back into the heart of our yoga practice, we remember that yoga was here looooong before any of that stuff. That yoga is a practice that meets us as we are and doesn’t ask us to wait for the perfect conditions to practice.

So if you give yourself two minutes to pause and breathe it is enough.

If you spend five minutes moving your shoulders or your body, it is enough.

If you take ten minutes with your legs up the wall and feel your body relax, it is enough.

Embrace, value and welcome these little acts of love for yourself.

It is all relevant and you are wirth it.

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